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About Us

The Works NYC’s Mission

Our mission is to EDUCATE WOMEN on what real WEIGHT TRAINING, balanced NUTRITION and COMMUNITY does for the body, mind and spirit – Total Transformation. Through sensible overload principles in the weight room, proper HIIT training, balanced nutrition practices and an awesome community of support, The Works NYC will help you TRANSFORM your body and mindset into one of an EMPOWERED, STRONG and HOT Woman.

What we ARE:

  • Community of Boss Women that care about the results of our members and each other
  • Experts in and big fans of Female weight training/HIIT training
  • Believers in fat loss through weight training and balanced nutrition
  • Believers in accountability for success
  • Strong, empowered, badass Women

What we are NOT:

  • A cardio house
  • Believers in fat loss through long bouts of cardio and low calorie diets
  • Believers in no-carb or no-fat diets
  • Believers in going it alone

Prepare to work hard for your goals. We aren’t a magic bullet, but we do provide a proven formula to follow with a supportive community to help make the journey more fun!

Commitment + Hard Work + The Works NYC Formula = Total Body/Mind Transformation

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